Freedom on the Fault Line

Freedom on the Fault Line explores humanity's mind, soul and heart, its ideals and actions, consequences and repercussions, heights and depths. A rare combination of fierce intelligence, sly wit, gracious compassion and lucid lyricism, these poems are mature works that express the complexity of preserving integrity in a world of struggle and violence. "Searching explorations into both soul and society. Wise and probing...incisive, challenging.... The eyes of the soul will be cleansed and see differently." ~ Ron Dart, author and professor of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. "Brilliant collection -- co-oriented and full of ironic humour.... a thinking person's book." ~ Bernice Lever, prize winning poet, college instructor (Atkinson College, York University, Ontario, Canada). "This book is a collection of beautifully crafted pieces that leave an indelible mark in the mind of the reader. This is an important work. The spirit of freedom is universal. These poems are a gift to those who have fought, are fighting, and will fight for freedom." ~ Lucia Gorea, PhD, award-winning international poet, Vancouver, Canada.

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Alive at the Center (2013) – Ooligan Press, Portland State University (Contemporary Pacific Northwest Poets) Royal City Poets (2013) – Silver Bow Publishing National Voices (2012) – Canadian Authors Association Between Earth and Sky (2012) Mind Paintings (2011)

Poetry readings/performances

Literary, musical and philosophical, liberty-oriented events, e.g. New Westminster’s Poetic Justice Vancouver’s Twisted Poets Literary Salon, Hogan’s Alley, Canadian Authors Association, Renaissance Books, Cobalt Theatre and the well-attended Chicken Sessions in Pamela Bentley’s home.


Poetic Justice, Twisted Poets Literary Salon, Summer In The Park series, Writers International Network


Performances, with songwriters/guitarists Enrico Renz and Lawren Nemeth, Lilija Valis and the Secret Messengers.